That was easy! Extending Windows apps to Windows Phone 8.1

Easy Button

In a previous post I discussed why Universal App are important and why Microsoft's recent addition to Visual Studio 2013 is such a game changer for Windows mobile development. In this post I'm going to walk through just how easy it was for me to extend an existing Windows Store ... Read more »

What are Windows 8.1 Universal Apps, and why are they important?

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Earlier this month I watched keynotes and interviews from the Microsoft Build conference. One new capability especially caught my eye: the announcement of "Universal Apps" that run as both Windows 8.1 Store Apps as well as Windows Phone 8.1 apps. Universal Apps are something I've been working with ... Read more »

Is HTML5/JavaScript a Mobile Development Silver Bullet?

Silver Bullet

Mobile development today has a serious dilemma: on the one hand we can't really create the best user experience without coding for each targeted form factor. On the other hand we usually don't have the budget or staff to start from scratch developing a unique application for each new device ... Read more »

I used a gauge on a dashboard--and lived!


I hate to admit it, but I really am a data visualization purist. When I joined my current company, one of the first things I did was to attend an eye-opening seminar conducted by Edward Tufte. It changed my life. Since then, I've read countless other sources on proper data ... Read more »

BI visualization tools: interest trends over time

BI Front-end interest over time

It's interesting to look at the trend of interest in Business Intelligence visualization/exploration tools over time. It seems that lately everyone is keen to talk about Tableau, and since their IPO interest in the product has seemed to grow exponentially in discussions I have with clients and colleagues in ... Read more »

Office for iPad launches The Nadella Era

Satya Tweets on iPad Office

Yesterday Microsoft launched the long-awaited Office for iPad at a press event keynoted by Satya Nadella (read his remarks). I'm probably not the only one unable to remember the last time a Microsoft CEO tweeted his excitement about the adoption of software that runs on a non-Microsoft operating system! Market ... Read more »